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QR codes are still the most convenient way to share data snippets in the field to a massive number of users. They can save location information, text, URL, and contact information. Interestingly, QR codes can also be used to share your WiFi access.

wifi access qr code

QR Code Wifi is a free service that lets you generate QR codes that can unlock your home router. This way, your friends can use your Internet without having to ask for your Wifi password.

Using this tool is pretty straightforward. You just need to enter your Wifi information in the form, entering your SSID, password, and network type, then click to generate your Wifi QR Code. You can then test it by scanning the generated code with your QR scanner before printing them out and posting them.

This type of QR code works only with Android phones, which is probably one more thing that Android users can tout over their iOS brethren.

QR Code Wifi also includes some goodies like QR code error correction, Bitmap QR Code, and Vector QR Code. If you go deep enough you can find more QR code functionality like generating a YouTube link, creating code for your social media profiles, or creating QR codes for appointments and calendars.


qr code wifi

This app is also ideal for businesses looking for a cool way to interact with customers. With a QR generated Wifi access, not only do you save time from sharing your Wifi password to each person who asks, but it can also serve as a way to cross-market your website or social media profiles with QR codes.


  • Generate QR codes to share Wifi access.
  • Just enter your Wifi access info and click to print.
  • Other cool QR resources available.
  • Similar Tools: Smart QR Code Generator, and TrakQR

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