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QR codes are the most convenient way to share information with smart device owners. A simple scan can redirect them to a webpage, show them contact information, and a lot more. If you want to create and share a QR code for any purpose, you should check out a site called QR Code Generator.

create and manage qr codes

QR Code Generator is a free to use web service that helps its users generate QR codes with ease. The site starts by asking you what kind of information you want encoded by a QR code. Options in this category include a business scan page, a personal scan page, social media actions, websites, simple texts, and granting Wi-Fi access through a QR code. Once you select a category you can input the required information.

For example, if you selected the ‘website’ category, you will be required to input the URL of the website that you want encoded. In the step after that, you can customize how the QR code shall appear on the sharing page. More specifically, you can type in the header text and the footer text. You can also choose to display the border, scan badge, and URL around the QR code; the URL refers to the URL of the QR code, not the one you encoded.

The block color can be selected along with a block shape. Options in the shape field include square, circle, and rounded.

qr code generator


You can view the QR code then, as you customize it. The process will also involve creating an account on QR Code Generator which will help you edit and analyze your code. By signing into your account, you can easily see how many times your code was scanned by smart device owners.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you generate QR codes.
  • Generates QR codes for numerous purposes.
  • Makes the codes editable and customizable.
  • Shows you how many times the QR code was scanned.
  • Similar tools: Qrals, Lil’qr and Smart QrCode Generator.

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