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Q&A websites are very useful since they can get you answers to the most detailed questions online. We even have our own version with Makeuseof Answers. But if you want to create your own q&a site you have to create your own app or host it in your server. Fortunately, Qhub is a web service that lets you easily create a fully-customizable question and answer website. After setting up your hub, you can invite others to your hub and allow them to post questions and answers.

q&a sites

Creating a Qhub website is fairly easy. You can choose the name of your hub which can then be accessed with a subdomain. Start customizing your website by adding details about yourself and choosing your template. Then share the link with others so that they can participate.

q&a sites

The questions in Qhub can be tagged with keywords so that you can easily track them down. You can also integrate your Qhub with your Twitter and Facebook accounts and publish your answers to those sites.

Qhub is a very useful tool for creating your own community based on Q&A websites. You can also use this to field support questions from your customers, get feedbacks, and basically chat with your visitors. This is a worthy addition to any community-based website.



  • Create a Q&A website easily.
  • Choose the site name and the domain name.
  • Questions can be tagged with keywords.
  • Follow the site activity with RSS feeds.
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Avatars against each questions have markers that indicate the number of answers.
  • Add widgets for your other websites.

Check out QHub @

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