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Nowadays anyone can make a song and publish it online for others to listen to and enjoy. This is especially true with the advent and proliferation of social networks. One of the major and attractive features of most social networks these days (e.g MySpace, Bebo, YouTube or others) is being able to legally stream music from these sites uploaded by its users. You can stream music both from popular mainstream bands and artists as well as from amateur and beginner musicians. You simply sign into a social network of your choice, search for your favorite band or song and stream it with a click of a button.


If you enjoy streaming music, check out this new handy service called Qbox. What Qbox does is quite simple. It searches through social network music resources and allows you to stream songs directly. So instead of streaming music separately from each individual social network, with Qbox, you can stream music from all of them simultaneously through a single interface called QPlayer. Browse songs by genres and tags or search for your favorite artists and songs.



  • Stream music for free from social networks
  • Lists over 20 million songs from over 3 million artists for streaming online
  • Major sites supported including MySpace, Bebo and Youtube
  • Stream songs from multiple social networks through a single interface called the Qplayer
  • Organize Songs and Tag them
  • Browse songs by genres and tags or search for your favorite artists and songs
  • Cool features like Music Search and Wikipedia Music available
  • Embed QPlayer on website or blog
  • Free service. Sign up required.

Check out Qbox @


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  1. Ian
    February 9, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks for the great posting! Hope you find great music using our recommendation engine (Emotional Link)! - Ian