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Are you looking for a way to show off photos on your website, but don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with sites like WordPress and other more advanced blogging platforms? Well, if so, Pygmyfoto might be right up your alley. It is an open-source, deployable web photo tool that allows you to share photos in a simple, bare bones photo roll. Sometimes, simple is all you need, and Pygmyfoto is just that.


With Pygmyfoto, you can share photos without any unnecessary extras. You can deploy it on even the simplest of hardware, so you don’t need a crazy machine to get it up and running. It’s open-source, so you can tweak it to meet your needs. Of course, it’s meant to be simple, but if there is something you feel is missing, you can always program it yourself.


The photo roll will display a smaller version of the pictures which is also a link to the full resolution picture. It also displays some important information about the photo such as the  exposure, aperture, focal length, and ISO. It also has a place for you to enter a little description of the photo.


  • Open source photo roll sharing.
  • Simple, no extras.
  • Shows key data such as exposure, aperture, focal length, and ISO.
  • Add photo description.

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