Putting Your Last 24 Hours Into Perspective

Time is a curious thing. You might have had a long day, but if put into perspective, it’s nothing more than a minor blip in the universe’s timeline. Read through this infograph by wait but why (designed by Visua.ly), and you’ll feel like you’re part of a great story spanning hundreds of thousands of years.

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Dale Sherriff

Interesting infographic about keeping in life in perspective. Only thing I didn’t like was that so much of the later graphics were not labelled as “theory” but stated as facts.



It’s Visual.ly, not Visua.ly :) But otherwise cool graphic. Makes you think about how insignificant we are.



Very good; very informative, thank you…



Interesting way of looking at time. A few quibbles with a few things, but overall it’s OK.


George Gauthier

The illustration for the era of the Roman Empire shows a Greek helmet.


Suleiman O

It was amazing read till it displayed a theory as being fact that humans were diverged from apes.Do you know that Darwinism was falsified by the very students of Darwinism.


I felt the same way, but that’s really the opinion of the infograph’s creator.

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