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Modern smartphones are highly sophisticated and intelligent devices. They offer numerous features to people that includes noting down lists and reminders for future tasks. But creating such lists or setting up their notifications on your phone’s device is inconvenient, when compared to the ease with which with you can do this on a computer. It would be ideal if you could somehow create the notifications and lists on your computer and then send them to your phone.

Fortunately for owners of Android devices, this is possible by a useful application called PushBullet.


PushBullet is a free to use smartphone application that is compatible with Android devices. The app is sized at nearly 0.2 MB and requires your device to be running version 4.0 or later of Android. To begin using the app, you need to authorize it access to your Google account. Next you visit the app’s website on your computer’s web browser and begin composing the list to send to your phone.

You can send lists, addresses, and personalized lists. You can add details with each notification that appear when you tap the item in the list of notifications on your phone.


Items in lists that you have completed and no longer need can be struck to indicate their ‘complete’ status.


  • A user friendly smart device application.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Lets you send notifications and lists from computer browser to phone.
  • Lets you send lists, addresses, and personalized lists.
  • Similar tools: 1Tap Quick BarNotification HistoryNotif and Android Notifier.

Check out PushBullet for Android @ 

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