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The Kindle device is rapidly becoming the most popular eBook reading device on the market.  However, it is also popular for reading webpages and blog posts that you didn’t have time to read earlier.  But to send a copy of that page or post to your Kindle, you normally have to use a service which may or may not format the page to be read properly on the Kindle screen.  Push to Kindle’s Email Service aims to make the process just that little bit easier.

The service is aimed at users of the iPhone and iPad.  The first time you use this, you will be asked to confirm in an email the address you want to send from.  You can then save PTK Email Service as a contact in your address book for easy future reference.

Then whenever you want to send a webpage or blog post to your Kindle, simply do the following :

  • Load the page in your iOS device
  • Press the “share” button and select “email”
  • Enter your Kindle email address but instead of at the end, enter instead.
  • Send the email and wait for it to show up in your Kindle account

The first 25 articles processed are free. After that you’ll have to buy credits. 100 credits cost 1.5o€ (around £1.20 or $2). Each article sent uses 1 credit.


  • Have webpages and blog posts sent to your Kindle device by email.
  • Service is aimed at users of the iPhone and iPad.
  • First 25 are free, after that credits need to be bought.

Check out Push To Kindle Email Service @ 

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