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If you’re concerned about your privacy and security on the internet, there are few things that will put your mind at ease like a virtual private network (VPN). By routing your traffic through another server and encrypting it along the way, a VPN allows you to browse anonymously and safely. We’ve reviewed a number of VPN services in the past, including these 5 great free VPN options 5 Great Free VPN Services Compared: Which Is Fastest? 5 Great Free VPN Services Compared: Which Is Fastest? If you've never used a VPN before, you may want to reconsider. A VPN routes your internet connection through an encrypted third-party server, securing your data. But which VPN service is faster? Read More — but if you need premium performance, you’ll want to pay for a premium service.

That’s where PureVPN comes in. We have ten 1-year accounts to give away!

Why Use a VPN?

People use VPNs for a number of reasons. Many people first encounter them when they need to access data that’s stored on a company or university server while they’re out of the office. But VPNs are becoming more popular for their other benefits: privacy, for example. Because you connect to a website through a different server, and your traffic is encrypted, anyone monitoring your connection can only see that you’ve connected to a VPN server — they can’t see what you’re actually looking at (or what you’re downloading).

One of the most common reasons for using a VPN is to appear to be browsing from another country. This is a great way to get around region restrictions on YouTube or to watch programs on Netflix or Hulu that aren’t available in your country. US-based Netflix has a lot more content than Netflix based in other countries, so making Netflix think that you’re a US-based customer can be highly advantageous. To learn more about Netflix, read our Ultimate Netflix Guide.

VPNs also help you get around internet censorship How To Bypass Internet Censorship How To Bypass Internet Censorship This article examines some of the most common methods used to filter content as well as emerging trends. Read More , which is a huge benefit if you live in a country where that’s a problem.

Getting Started with PureVPN

PureVPN is a cinch to set up — as you can see in the screenshots below, the dialer software for OS X is very simple, and doesn’t provide you with tons of different features, making this a good option for people who are new to VPNs (screenshots of the Windows dialer that I’ve seen appear to show more options). After signing up for an account and downloading the software, all you have to do is choose a server, enter your account information, and press “Connect.” That’s really all there is to it.


If you’re new to VPNs, you might be asking yourself, “How do I choose a server?” PureVPN has you covered here, too. The server selection tool allows you to choose a server based on where it’s located (which is useful if you know which country you’d like to appear that you’re browsing from) or based on the purpose of your browsing.


The “Select by purpose” dialog has a lot of useful options, including maximum privacy and anonymity; US-, Canada-, and UK-based TV watching; unblocking websites; online streaming; and VoIP. Especially useful right now is the long list of World Cup-qualified countries, making it easy to watch World Cup games wherever you are (don’t forget to follow the World Cup Soccer Mad? How To Follow The World Cup Soccer Mad? How To Follow The World Cup The following are some cool ways to keep up-to-date with the goings-on in Brazil. You can also use these methods during the regular soccer season to follow your favorite teams. Read More in other ways, too!).


With servers in 45 different countries, PureVPN allows you to browse from almost anywhere you could want. It can be a bit difficult to find the country you’re looking for, however, as the sorting functions in the server selection tool don’t seem to sort by country or city (I haven’t been able to figure out yet how they sort the servers, in fact). And despite their “300+ servers in 45 countries” promise, I’ve only been able to see about 60 servers in the country dialog.

Speed Test

Speed is a huge issue when it comes to VPNs. Encrypting your traffic and routing it through another server can take a big toll on your upload and download speeds if the VPN isn’t optimized. Let’s see how PureVPN performs.

First, I established a baseline for my connection using SpeedTest Are You Getting The Broadband Speed You're Paying For? Are You Getting The Broadband Speed You're Paying For? How fast is your Internet connection, really? Your Internet service provider quotes you speeds, but how do you know if you’re actually getting the speed you’re paying for? You can find out using one of... Read More by running it while I wasn’t connected to the VPN. I got a ping of 12 ms, a download speed of 32.92 Mbps, and an upload speed of 1.81 Mbps.


I ran the same test while connected to PureVPN, using a server in Chicago (I’m based in the UK), and got a ping of 122 ms, a download speed of 24.85 Mbps, and an upload speed of 1.65 Mbps.

The numbers show a moderate increase in latency and drop in download speed, and almost no loss in upload speed.

In addition to using SpeedTest, however, I also did a bit of browsing while on the VPN. I loaded up Netflix and started a movie, and it was just a tad slower when using PureVPN, though not enough to be bothersome. Browsing to other websites didn’t seem to be noticeably slower. Whatever you want to say about the quality of the dialer software, PureVPN is quite fast (as Matthew Hughes pointed out in a previous review of PureVPN PureVPN: Fast, Affordable, Privacy-Conscious VPN Service PureVPN: Fast, Affordable, Privacy-Conscious VPN Service There is only one PureVPN package on offer - it comes with a huge variety of endpoints to hide behind, and allows you to consume as much data as you want. Read More ), and will suit most people, including heavy downloaders and power users.


There are three different PureVPN pricing plans: a one-month, a six-month, and a 12-month plan. Although the pricing page says that the current prices are available for a limited time only, it doesn’t say how long, or what the standard prices are, so it’s difficult to tell if you should hurry to snag a good deal. However, because the VPN offers unlimited data transfers and 5 logins so you can use it on all of your devices, the $4.16 monthly cost of the 12-month plan is a great deal!


But why bother? We’re giving away ten 1-year accounts for free!

How do I win a subscription?

You may enter by submitting your name and email address. You’ll receive one entry simply by doing so.

After that, you’ll also be offered various methods to earn additional entries. They range from sharing a link to this giveaway on social networks; to commenting or visiting a specific page. The more you participate, the higher your chances of winning! You will receive 5 additional entries into the giveaway for every successful referral via your shared links.

The Winners

  • Nathan Wiebe
  • Robert Ocheltree
  • Rhonda Fearns
  • Sam Kar
  • Gwenni Balmer
  • Theo Evans
  • Claire Turner
  • Linu George
  • Suyanto Light
  • Kaushik Medhi

Congratulations! If you were selected as a winner, you would have received your license via email from If you require any assistance, please get in touch with Jackson Chung before August 9. Enquires beyond this date will not be entertained.

This giveaway begins now and ends Friday, July 4. The winners will be selected at random and informed via email.

Submit your apps and software to be reviewed. Contact Jackson Chung for further details.

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