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Top Ten Videos from Top Video Sites

Don’t you think that most satisfactory results to web search are usually in top 10 form? Whether you’re looking stuff to download, things to buy or even websites to read intelligently made top 10’s are always favorite, I love them. One of such sites that video fans will enjoy is, it shows top sites for popular video categories and top 10 daily videos in each of them. On the homepage you can only see Top 10’s from 10 popular video networks, but once you go further down each category you’ll realize that there are top 10’s from allmost 35 video networks. I find this categorization quite useful as it gives a summary of the top rated stuff for the day. Check them out below

  • Top music videos – Yahoo Music, Myspace, AOL music, Singing fool, RollingStone, Batanga
  • top funny videos – CollegeHumor, Top 5 Comedy Central Videos, ifilm, Stupid Videos, Heavy, Break
  • top entertainment – TMZ, Video detective, Hollywood, GameTrailers,, MSN Videos, Top 10 Access Hollywood
  • top video from news – USA Today, RooTV,MSNBC Videos, CNN Videos, Business Week, Reuters Videos,, iVillage, BBC
  • top sport videos – ESPN, Speed TV, Grind TV, FOX Videos, RooTV, Golf Channel

Oooh, snd by the way purevideo is also a video search engine, never tried search feature though so trying it out right now. Searching for ‘bush’…. got results, I see lots bushes here.

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