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If you always misplace or lose your phone, you may already wonder how to get it back when you lose it again. Fortunately, Puntalo is a cool app that makes it easy for you to find your lost or stolen phone by tracking its whereabouts. In addition, Puntalo also lets you track your family or friends by sending you SMS or e-mail notifications whenever they leave or arrive at a certain location.

track your family

find your lost or stolen phone

To start using Puntalo, choose your phone’s brand and model on your dashboard. Then you will be instructed how to install Puntalo on your phone. Once installed, you can start adding new people to notify and create an area within the map where you expect the phone to be at a given time.

When you lose your phone, Puntalo will tell you where you phone is while locking your phone to make sure your personal information is kept away from strangers. Your lost phone will be tracked on the map, and if you can’t get it back, you can remove the data in your phone remotely to protect your privacy.

Puntalo currently works only for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung. While the app is free, you can sign up for a premium account to get SMS and e-mail notifications, remote phone lock, remote phone wiping, and more.



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