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People who like looking for new cooking recipes online can pick from a wide variety of cooking websites. But many of these sites simply list cooking recipes without revealing how popular each recipe currently is. If you want to discover great cooking recipes that are currently popular, you should check out Punchfork.

popular cooking recipes

Punchfork is a free to use website that lists cooking recipes from various cooking websites. These websites include Epicurious, Martha Stewart, Food52, 101 Cookbooks, Serious Eats, and SimplyRecipes. The recipes from these sites are assigned popularity scores based on their social media mentions on Twitter and Facebook. The score ranges from 1 to 100 and is listed with each recipe. Recipes can be sorted by their popularity score, recentness, or simply searched by ingredients. For each recipe on Punchfork you get a list of ingredients sorted into their relevant categories; the original link for the recipe is also provided under its title.

most popular cooking recipes

Easy to use sharing buttons let you quickly share the recipes with your friends on social media.



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