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If you are in a fun mood and want to shake your body, dance music becomes an essential ingredient to having a good time. To have the most fun, you need the best dance music. For this reason, fans of dance music like to stay in touch with the top music artists in the genre. But at the same time they like to discover good new dance music coming out. Here to help you with the latter is a wonderful web service called PumpYouUp.

PumpYouUp is a web service that helps dance music enthusiasts get their hands on the latest dance music out there. The site offers only the music that it considers to be the best of the lot. The site offers its collection of dance music under four collections: Fall, Winter, New Year, and Spring. These collections cover dance music subgenres that include dubstep, techno, house, trance, and electronic. Indie artists as well as small label artists are featured.

You can click on a music collection to view the tracks that it contains. The tracks are displayed in a simple way: track name followed by artist followed by dance subgenre.

You can either stream or download these tracks directly from the website. To stream the tracks, simply click on the play icon to the left of every music track. An audio music player will open at the left side of the webpage and begin playing the track.


To download the tracks, you can click on the right-most icon of the tracks and the downloading begins. They are made available in the MP3 file format.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides dance music.
  • Music can be streamed or downloaded.
  • Covers dubstep, techno, house, trance, and electronic subgenres.

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