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There’s a good chance you know a guy called Dave. We’re lucky to have two of them here at MakeUseOf, and today I’m going to introduce you to another.

DaveHax is a YouTube channel full of useful and not-so-useful tips and tricks that will help you waltz through life with a confidence in your stride that can only be gained from the knowledge you can fashion a cross-bow from office stationery.

Draw Perfect Freehand Circles

Why? Because once you’ve mastered this you can whip out a pen and paper anywhere and challenge anyone to a freehand circle drawing contest (and win, provided they haven’t seen the video). Use it to win bets with your mates, construct amazing freehand diagrams or… something else?

Halloween Pumpkin Tips

Halloween is nearly upon us and nothing says “give me your high fructose corn syrup” like a well-carved pumpkin. Here you’ll find some great tips for creating your own this year (it’s amazing how much scarier things look when you give them teeth).

For the more adventurous among you there are also tutorials for a flaming pumpkin that uses kerosene (above) and a a smoking pumpkin that uses a solution similar to that seen in fog machines (below).

Fold A Shirt In 2 Seconds

This video has been watched (at the time of writing) nearly 8.5 million times, with the number only set to climb as more and more teenagers face up to life’s harsh realities. A task more boring than waiting in line to watch paint dry, folding your shirts is much easier with this one weird trick (yeah, we went there).

Chill A Drink In 2 Minutes

This trick is so simple you’ve probably already thought of it. Dave’s addition of salt kicks the process into overdrive and allows you to take room temperature bottles and cans down to single digits in a matter of minutes.

Peel Fruit Like A Pro

Fruit is the colourful, perishable stuff you’re supposed to eat plenty of as part of a healthy balanced diet, but there’s no ignoring the fact that some fruits are difficult to peel. This trick will allow you to assert dominance over any kiwi fruit, mango or avocado by peeling it in one swift, mess-free motion.

Crossbows For Home & Office

Not one but two instruments for office-themed projectile battles. The first is made out of common household items and is powerful enough to pierce cardboard, so don’t go pointing it at your eyes. The second is of considerably more rugged design and can be fired single-handedly thanks to the use of a binder clip.

Visual Multiplication

If you frequently find yourself without a calculator (or a device that has a calculator on it, like every device) and need to multiply large numbers, you’re probably doing something wrong. This video teaches you a visual way of multiplying large numbers in a foolproof manner that’ll have you thinking “that’s cool” before wondering when you will ever find a use for it.

DaveHax on YouTube

You can learn a lot on the internet, but not all of it is useful. The same can be said for DaveHax, interspersing genuine nuggets of wisdom with utterly pointless yet fascinating tricks and tips for everyday situations. If you enjoy this sort of thing be sure to check out It’s Okay To Be Smart, consider learning an instrument or better yourself with these self-improvement tips that take barely a minute to master.

Which YouTube channels have taught you the most?

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