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“Only two lines of javascript and what a difference it makes!” That was my conclusion after trying out NicEdit on my personal blog – a script that puts RichText WYSIWYG functionality into a blog’s comment section.

As any blogger will tell you, the comments section of the blog is pretty much the life-blood of the site. The blog community revolves around the comments section. Discussions, arguments and relationships revolve around the comments section. Spammers go wild in the comments section! I spend a good part of my day in the comment moderation section of Make Use Of making sure everyone behaves themselves and that the Viagra & male organ enhancement salesmen take their business elsewhere.

I have tried lots of things to jazz up my comments section on my blog (I’ll be discussing another one in my next post) but I particularly liked NicEdit because of its simplicity. As I said, it’s just two lines of javascript and you just have to copy and paste it ANYWHERE in the comments page of the HTML template of your blog. Save the whole thing then go to one of your blog pages and check out the comments. You’ll now see that the comments form has a RichText WYSIWYG functionality.

This is what my comments box looked like before NicEdit was installed :

Functional and straight-forward but rather boring right?


Now here’s what it looked like AFTER NicEdit was installed.

Suddenly you can offer your commenters a wide variety of fonts, font sizes, formats….they can even insert photos and links! Not bad for free!

So why not add this to your blog (seems to work on all blogging platforms) and next time I’ll tell you about a WordPress plugin that I found which also has the potential to personalize and liven up a boring blog comment!

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