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pulpTunesPulpTunes is an awesome project that is supported across all operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows and Linux How To Transfer Files Easily Between Linux Machines How To Transfer Files Easily Between Linux Machines Read More ) which allows you to access your iTunes library no matter where in the world you are if you have an internet connection.

The application is installed on your computer and then it acts as a server and allows for your computer to be connected to. You can then access your iTunes library through your browser and stream any song that you have or share your iTunes library with others.

Since it acts as a server you will need to keep the computer turned on that you wish to access. If it is turned off then the application is not running and therefore you won’t be able to access your library. If you want to be able to access your iTunes library all the time but not leave your computer on, then the best solution would be to build a cheap computer that you can leave on all the time.

Installation and Setup

pulpTunes download

To download pulpTunes simply go to the pulpTunes website and click the Download Now button to being downloading the application. The file that will be downloaded is a zip file so expand it then open up the application named pulpTunes in the folder that is created.


The first time you start up the application a window similar to the one pictured below will be displayed. This is telling you how to access the library within your browser and to open port 15000 on your firewall so that you can access your library from outside your network. If you do not know your IP address then this will also be shown so take a note of it.


When you click OK if you go to http://localhost:15000 you will see all of your songs and playlists. Your iTunes server has now been setup locally – you’ve now shared your iTunes library, and anyone on your network should be able to access it if they know the port number. If you do not want everyone to be able to access it then you can setup an admin username and password by clicking on the icon in the tray and then selecting User Management.

pulpTunes User Management

When the window opens up check Enable User Management and then enter the username and password that you would like then hit save.

If you return to http://localhost:15000 you will now notice in the upper right corner that there is a hyperlink called Log in.

PulpTunes Server login

When you click the hyperlink you will be asked for the username and password that you have just entered into the User Management window.

If you successfully log in you will now notice a hyperlink in the upper right corner called User Management.

PulpTunes Server

If you do not want anonymous users to have access to any of your library then uncheck the Has access box. If you want anonymous users to only access certain playlists or songs then you can do this by clicking All Playlists and selecting the playlists and songs that you want to allow an anonymous user to listen to.

To add a user that you do not want to be an Admin you must first create a group. I created a group called Users and I will allow them to rate songs so I check the Can rate songs box. To create a user, click on the Accounts tab and then press Add User. I named my user user1, the group Users and other required information. When I click save it is now possible to log in as user1 and listen to my library.

Advanced Settings

By default when the page loads, the first song automatically plays so to stop this, click on the pulpTunes icon in the tray and press Advanced Settings. If you uncheck Start playing songs, hit OK, then restart pulpTunes then the first song will no longer automatically play when the page has loaded.

The Advanced Settings window also allows you to change the port number that is used to access the library, so for example if port 15000 is used by something else on your router you can change it to a port that is unused.

If your iTunes XML library file How to Fix & Repair the Lost Link to The iTunes Music Library How to Fix & Repair the Lost Link to The iTunes Music Library Read More is located somewhere else than the default location you can also change this here.

If you want to see who is accessing the pulpTunes server and what songs they are listening to, you can enable logging to keep track of this. Click OK and restart the pulpTunes server and the changes will be applied.

Please let us know what you think of sharing your iTunes library with pulpTunes by posting a comment below. If you know of a similar application feel free to discuss this below with other readers.

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  1. mcouthon
    July 23, 2009 at 5:29 am

    Well, SimplifyMedia makes you install it's software on both computers, while pulpTunes requires this only for the sharing computer. Also, from my experience so far, the buffering is a bit faster.

  2. Guilh1
    July 21, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Nice soft...

    What is the difference with simplifymedia?