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We live in an age of sharing. Everyone is posting to Twitter, Facebook and various other social networks. It only makes sense that we would want to share our calendars with friends, along with all the other stuff we are sharing constantly. If you keep your calendars in Google Calendar, than you can share your calendar with anyone via email, and with only a few clicks.

share calendar events

To get started using PubMyCal, you simply log in with your Google accounts and grant it permission to get access to your Google account. Once you grant it permission it will be able to get access to them and share them with your friends. You can choose from three types of calendars. These are friends birthdays, US holidays and your personal calendar from your Google account.


Sharing is as easy as clicking on the type of calendar and choosing a date range. You can choose a date range by typing it in or clicking the date drop box and choosing there. You type in the email addresses of the people you want to send the calendar to, and that’s it.


  • Share your calendar with your friends via email.
  • Choose from personal calendar, US holidays and friends birthday calendars.
  • Send to as many emails as you would like.
  • Choose any date range, as big or small as you need.
  • Simar tools: Short Calendar, Print-A-Calendar, FeedCal, and Dayviewer.

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