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publicitweet-topperIf you’ve ever used Twitter to represent your company or brand, you’ll know how powerful it can be as an instantaneous delivery mechanism for customer support, news, and communication with your customers. Its power lies in its ability to not only keep users of your products informed with up-to-the-minute information, but also to redistribute that information with affirmative endorsement to their friends and followers.

The only drawback inherent with the way Twitter distributes these endorsements is that the person reading the message usually has to be there at the time it’s posted, otherwise they might miss it. It’s also less personal, since an indirect message sent into the public stream has the danger of getting lost in the noise of all the other tweets rolling past their screens.

Let’s Get Personal

Direct messaging takes care of the problem of making your message personalized and ensuring they don’t miss it, but Twitter doesn’t offer an easy way to directly message large groups of followers at once. Enter a new web service named PubliciTweet. PubliciTweet is Twitter ad marketing software that takes this problem head on with its ability to create social media marketing campaigns using Twitter to focus your personalized message to groups of your followers.

Let’s take a look and see how this product might allow you to leverage Twitter’s strengths to deliver your message efficiently and effectively to the most influential of your customers.

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That’s Easy For You To Say

Setting up a campaign with PubliciTweet is about as simple as it gets – create a free account, write your tweet, optionally choose when it should be sent and to whom, and you’re done. By default, your message is sent to your 500 most popular followers (or all, if you have less than 500 followers), and it gets to work immediately sending your message directly to them as a Twitter direct message.

To stick to Twitter’s rate limitation guidelines, your campaign is throttled to 100 messages per hour, up to 1000 messages per day – automatically. If you’re inclined, you can set up groups of followers ahead of time and choose to send to more specific followers – perhaps localized in certain parts of the world, by age demographics, or to your most communicative followers. PubliciTweet claims that their calculations show click-through rates increase by up to 500% when sent as a direct message, and using their service might make you a believer.

twitter direct messaging

How Do You Measure Up?

As PubliciTweet’s system sends out your targeted message to your followers, it is also compiling a list of incredibly useful and detailed statistics – such as the conversion rate showing exactly how many times a link in your message was clicked, graphs that illustrate the effectiveness of your campaign over time, and even a Google Maps mash-up pinpointing where in the world your campaign is reaching, and which of your followers are acting upon your message.

What’s really impressive however is the way it brings to light the trickle-down effect that Twitter has, by listing the top referrers of your campaign – taking into account people who retweet, share your message, and act upon it among their followers. Of course, while you’re on the go, you’ll receive daily snapshot updates of these important statistics via (you guessed it!) a direct message on Twitter. You can quickly start to see just how powerful a targeted direct message can be through all of the metrics PubliciTweet provides.

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Small Message, Big Results

PubliciTweet is currently free while it’s in public beta, and is available to sign up and use immediately at their site. You can follow them on Twitter (@pbct), and they also offer support using the ever-popular service, GetSatisfaction, to discuss new feature ideas, questions about the service, and report issues.

While composing a compelling message that convinces your followers to click your link in less than 140 characters is the hard part of an online marketing campaign, PubliciTweet makes the delivery of that message quick and effortless. The added bonus of measurable success shown through their many statistics makes it a no-brainer addition to your arsenal of Twitter tools for efficacious communication to your customers.

How Else Do I Spread The Word?

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If you have used PubliciTweet, please let us know in the comments what you think of it and how it can be improved.

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