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Public radio is a quality broadcast outlet that many people enjoy, and with the Public Radio Player app for iPhone, it’s easier than ever to tune in. The app lets you listen to your favorite local stations, access lots of others, and even download non-profit radio show recordings for free.

Overall, it appears that the app is quite functional, and its blue and orange design is fairly pristine – no complaints here. The app’s selections are divided into three different categories: local, programs and podcasts, and stations and streams. Local only picks up stations that are near you (no details on the distance radius), programs and podcasts can be browsed by category, and stations and streams are divided by format and states.

listen to public radio on iphone

Downloaded episodes are easily accessible with a side menu, and all downloaded content is available for offline listening. Furthermore, you can set alarms or allow music to play until you fall asleep using a timer. The app – as expected – also plays in the background.

As a note, some users may experience some delayed loading times and freezes when pulling up the various app menus. Additionally, some users have complained that the app is a bit of a battery hog. Other than that, Public Radio Player seems to work just fine.

public radio player


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  • Finds local public radio for you.
  • Lets you access any public radio station anywhere.
  • Allows you to download programs for offline listening.
  • Alarm and sleep timer listening.
  • Social sharing.
  • Playlists.

Download Public Radio Player for your iPhone now.

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