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ProxToMe is a handy app that lets you instantly share files with people nearby, within a 250 feet radius. While there are many apps that let you share files with people, ProxToMe makes it easy to share files with many people nearby with mobile devices. It comes quite useful when you are in a place with a group of people with similar interests – at a concert, lecture or a group meeting. You can share small files (presentations, reports etc) as well as large files (e.g. full movies) in seconds using the app.

share files with people

The app is currently available for iOS devices and have to be installed by all the people who want to share files with each other. Once it is installed they will be able to see everyone with the app within the 250 feet radius. To share a file, simply tap a nearby person and send a file with one click. You can also view that person’s Facebook profile to learn more about them or exchange messages within the app.

The app uses Bluetooth to discover people nearby and Dropbox for sending and receiving files by automatically saving a received file in a folder named “ProxToMe” in your Dropbox account.


The file starts transferring only after you accept it, so you can choose to receive it when you have Wi-Fi connection. The best part is that to share files you don’t have to add people to your contacts, you just have to be nearby them.


Demo video


  • Share files in real time with people within 250 feet radius.
  • Share small and large files instantly.
  • Uses Dropbox for file transfers.
  • Available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).
  • Related tools – Jumpshare, Kicksend.

Check out ProxToMe @ (via Specblo)

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