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If you are someone who stays glued to the computer screen for long periods then the chances are you face frequent problems like eye irritation or headaches. This is what computer vision syndrome is all about and taking frequent breaks is the best way to avoid this situation. ProtectYourVision is a site that helps you do that by blacking out the screen at fixed time intervals. You can select the break timings and when that time approaches, it’ll let you know. At that time, you can either delay the break or let it run. The screen blacks out when it runs, and it shows some eye exercises. Once the break countdown is over, it reverts back to the normal screen.

prevent computer vision syndrome eye strain

You can either set up a custom break rule, or go for 20-20-20 or 60-5 rule. First one means a 20 second break after 20 minutes of work and focus eyes on something that’s 20 feet away. The 60-5 rule means a 5 minute break after 60 minutes of work.


  • Protect eyesight from CVS.
  • Also shows eye exercises during the break time.
  • Similar tool: Big Stretch Reminder.

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