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Every single time you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you’re putting your information at risk. It’s much easier for malicious individuals to hack you and steal your credit card numbers, bank accounts, and all your other private stuff when on a public network than it is at home.

You’re not defenseless when you’re connected through your iOS device, because you protect yourself with Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector. Today, we have a deal that’ll get you a lifetime subscription for just $29. That’s 92% off the normal price!

Buy: Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector: Lifetime Subscription

What’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector?

Basically, this service is designed to encrypt the information you send when connected to a public Wi-Fi connection. It will actually detect any threats to your security and alert you right away. This means it’s not just passive protection, as you’ll actually find out when you’re at risk and you can take action to handle the situation.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector will automatically detect the closest server and connect to it, which means you won’t lose much speed. The fact is, you’ll always sacrifice a bit of speed when connect to a VPN-like service, but by choosing a close server, you can minimize the loss of speed. Plus, isn’t losing a little speed worth it when you know your credit card numbers aren’t going to be stolen?

The app is only available on iOS, which is where you’ll probably be doing most of your public Wi-Fi connecting. You do need to have a device running iOS 8.0 or newer, so if you’re running an older iPhone or iPad, you won’t be able to take advantage of this awesome deal.

Deal Ends Soon!

This deal is only available for a limited time, so if you want to protect your iOS device’s connection when you’re on public Wi-Fi, you’ll want to snag this one while you still can!

Buy: Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector: Lifetime Subscription

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