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home inventory tracking After you have been established in a home, apartment, condo, or workplace for an extended period of time, loads of purchases and other assets begin to build-up. Home inventory tracking can become very difficult as receipts get lost and remembering what something cost is almost an impossibility.

So, when something gets stolen or damaged and you’d like to report a claim to your insurance company, pulling out a record of the purchase isn’t likely going to happen. It is going to end up being your word against theirs.

In order to help remedy keeping track of your multitude of assets, I am here today to talk about online home inventory tracking tools, one online and one off. They are designed specifically for situations like I described. To track your entire home inventory, including photos of receipts, credit cards, tax documents File Your Taxes Online For Free with TaxACT File Your Taxes Online For Free with TaxACT Read More and much more.

StuffSafe – Online

StuffSafe is a completely free home inventory tracking site that lets you track every asset in every room of your home or workplace. You can separate all of these items by room, track many different items of your purchase, along with attaching photos of receipts, or the actual product.

Once you have all of your items entered, there are also advanced reporting options, to Excel, HTML or PDF.

Here is a look at my empty inventory database on StuffSafe.



Here I am entering the first of many assets into my StuffSafe database. These items can include many details, and also photographs, which you cannot see on this screen.


StuffSafe includes advanced export options for you to display to your insurance provider, or just for safe keeping of a hard copy report.

online home inventory software

KnowYourStuff – Offline

KnowYourStuff has many of the same features as StuffSafe, but is offline. In other words, it’s home inventory software which keeps it away from possible snoops in the cloud. It includes a room-by-room inventory as well, with item descriptions, photos and cost.

It does not however include any reporting option like StuffSafe.

KnowYourStuff also includes a nice search tool, for sifting through the dozens of items in your database.

One of the bonus options that it has is an online ‘vault’ to store your database for safekeeping. (Vault 24 is not free though, but comes at a nominal fee)

Below is what you’ll see at first glance in KnowYourStuff. Here you will create your new location, your rooms, and item additions.


Here is a look at an addition of a new item to the KnowYourStuff database. I’m adding the same TV that I added in StuffSafe. Here you can see that you have many of the same options, including photos for receipts.


Trying to keep track of all of the thousands of purchases you’ve made during your lifetime can be a daunting task. And you don’t really know how important it is, until you have something damaged or stolen. Without evidence, such as a receipt or photograph of your product, most insurance companies aren’t going to help you out. Free asset tracking tools like these keeps all of your things in a nice and organized fashion and makes life easier when you need to get it replaced in an emergency.

Try both of these out and let us know what you think. How do you keep track of your proof of purchases? Do you have your own methods? Please let us know, we’d love to hear about them.

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