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One of the trends sweeping the Internet of late is online learning. All kinds of websites are coming along where users can come and create courses to share their knowledge with other people. A new website called ProProfs Trainer Maker is looking to be a serious contender in online learning. Users can create professional courses for all kinds of reasons, and one of the main emphasizes is creating training courses for business purposes, but the uses are only limited by your imagination.

create online courses

Creating courses is very easy with this website. You can create basic courses available to the public for free, and for private business training courses, a small fee is required. Creating a course is as simple as naming it and adding the content you wish to teach others. All of the content is divided into chapters, which makes it easy to organize your thoughts in way that will make sense to anyone taking your course. You can add images, links, videos and all kinds of other useful content to your chapters to help hammer home the message you are trying to deliver.

proprofs training maker

Of course, you may have no interest in creating a course, but you might like to learn something new. There are plenty of public courses available in a wide range of topics. Taking one is simple. You just go to the “Take Courses” tab and sign up for a free or for pay course, and you will be ready to start learning.

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  • Create courses for almost any topic.
  • Free and premium creation options available.
  • Sign up and take courses.
  • Easy to use for creators and learners.

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