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ProProfsPolls is an online service for easily creating online polls and getting feedback from visitors worldwide. You can then view the results on a pie chart, check geographical distribution of recent poll takers and filter votes by country.

Additionally you can search and browse polls created by other users, sort them by category, rate polls, leave comments and embed them on your webpages. Sign up to get started.

creating online polls


  • Create free polls online and collect feedback.
  • View detailed poll analysis including results chart, geographical distribution of recent poll takers and votes by country.
  • Embed polls on your webpages, rate polls and leave comments.
  • Similar websites: Polls Boutique, Poll Everywhere, Fotoll and PollJunkie.

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  1. Sameer
    July 17, 2009 at 10:56 am

    Thanks you for the review. Just wanted to add in that we support advanced poll analytic through filters, so the user can find answers to "what if" questions such as what the poll results would have been if users were all from [fill country name here]". A complete timeline of the votes is also available. Some of the integrations we support are Google Maps, Flickr For images, YouTube of videos etc