ProjectDragonfly: Design 3D Floor Plans Online

ProjectDragonfly is a new 3D floor plan designing tool that lets you design and plan your rooms online. The application has lots of features and provides with drag & drop visual editor which makes floor planning very easy. You can quickly build rooms in different shapes, adjust size, add/remove walls, doors, windows, and fill rooms with furniture. All added items can be easily moved around and rotated as you like.

projectdragonfly   ProjectDragonfly: Design 3D Floor Plans Online

Once the floor plan is created you can view it in 3D, save it online (registration needed), share with others and print it out. You can also check out gallery of user created floor plans, view them or use as a template to build one of your own.

projectdragonfly1   ProjectDragonfly: Design 3D Floor Plans Online


  • Recreate and plan your room online
  • Create as many plans as you like.
  • Add furniture and appliances (drag-and-drop interface).
  • Move and rotate objects to your liking.
  • View plans in in 3D view and from any side.
  • Save your plans on the site or print them out.
  • Share your plan with others.
  • Browse and preview gallery of plans created by others.
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