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One of the biggest handicaps when trying to learn a new programming language is the lack of proper tools. These may include having access to a server, installing databases and many other tools before you can even write a single line of code. Programr changes all that by letting you do everything in your browser window.

run programs in browser

Programr is an excellent resource for learning a new language as well writing quick programs in any language on a single portal. Supported languages include Java, C++, PHP, C#, J2EE, FLEX, Javascript, AJAX and more. In addition to these, you can also create apps for iPhones and even games. You can create a program/app from scratch or modify an existing one that other users may have saved. Once created, your program can be compiled right within the same browser window with a single click and also executed without requiring additional resources. Each chunk of code can also be downloaded, saved to your profile or embedded anywhere.


Programr is also a social network for programmers. You can browse programs created by other users, post comments on them, view similar programs, see a programmers profile and contact them if needed. It lets you browse programs by language, or programs that have been recently created along with searching for programs using keyword. Programr also has tons of courses that you can take online to learn for a small fees.



  • Write code in multiple programming languages online.
  • Compile and run code right in your browser.
  • Modify existing code according to your needs.
  • Download code and/or embed it on the web.
  • Post comments on programs and interact with users.

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  1. Melanie Reyes
    December 22, 2011 at 5:51 am

    I have zero knowledge in PHP. I am planning to learn it this christmas break. will this work for a beginner like me? :)