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OneNote is a fantastic note-taking app, and it’s totally free unlike Evernote The Best Evernote Alternative Is OneNote and It's Free The Best Evernote Alternative Is OneNote and It's Free The market is drenched in note-taking apps competing with Evernote. But there is only one serious Evernote alternative. Let us explain why that is OneNote. Read More . While OneNote works great for simple text notes, it gets way better when you start embedding media and using advanced features 5+ OneNote Note-Taking Tips & Tricks for First Time Users 5+ OneNote Note-Taking Tips & Tricks for First Time Users OneNote is an amazing note-taking app and it's free. However, it has a steep learning curve.Our tips and tricks will help you settle in faster. Read More .

But there’s one group of people that OneNote might frustrate: programmers.

Having one place to assemble all your notes on new techniques, optimization, to-do lists, etc. is great, but what if you want to jot down bits of code? Without proper formatting and syntax highlight, it can be quite the mess.

That’s where GitHub user elvirbrk’s NoteHighlight2016 comes in. Available as a free add-on for OneNote, it adds a new tab on the Ribbon that lets you insert formatted code into OneNote pages.

Head to the releases page and look for NoteHighlight2016.msi under Downloads (use the x86 version if you’re on 32-bit Windows). Click it to download, then run the installer once it’s ready. Next time you open OneNote, you’ll see a new NoteHighlight tab at the top Ribbon.

Every Programmer Who Uses OneNote Needs This Add-On ASAP OneNote Highlight Programming Add On

Select this tab and you’ll see several languages like C#, PHP, Java, and Python. Click the box for the language you’re using and paste the source code in. Then click OK and you’ll have a nice, formatted block of text right on your page.

This is far better than pasting a screenshot of code or dumping it in without formatting. Programmers will surely appreciate this, and it makes keeping your OneNote notebooks tidy that much easier.

For more tips like this, check out our complete guide to OneNote The Only OneNote Guide You'll Ever Need The Only OneNote Guide You'll Ever Need OneNote is a powerful note-taking app. It's cross-platform and well integrated into Microsoft Office. Read this guide to become a OneNote pro! Read More .

Is this a better solution for adding code to OneNote than you were using before? What do you think of this tool? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Image Credit: Blan-k via Shutterstock

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  1. Ananda Sim
    August 2, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Anyone care to add a VBA syntax handler please?

  2. Patrick
    July 28, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Is there a way to edit snippets in the code editor once they have been inserted into a page? The only option seems to be to edit as regular text, which can quickly mess up the formatting and line numbering. Ineffective edit capability seems like the only drawback preventing this from being a very useful utility.

  3. Sean
    July 28, 2017 at 11:12 am

    People on Mac's use OneNote too. MS needs to add more features to the OneNote app on Mac's.

    • Andy
      July 28, 2017 at 1:42 pm

      TOTALLY Agree with Sean. Mac users have a terrible time with functionality in OneNote. No Plugin support is just plain mean...

      Anyway, I do a lot of pasting from PHPStorm / Sublime Text / etc... into OneNote and the best solution that I've found is a handy little Mac app called 'OneHighlighter'. Check it out, it sits as an icon on the top bar. You copy your text in the IDE, click on the OneHighlighter icon and it automatically formats it to be pasted into OneNote. VERY HANDY.
      It's one extra click, but it's the best solution I could find. It's also not 100%... Sometimes the formatting isn't quite right. But 99% of the time it is.

    • Brent
      July 28, 2017 at 2:07 pm

      I agree. I love one note and i have for years. , it is a little less useful on my Mac