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Competitors and disgruntled former employees can easily tarnish the reputation of your business by posting dissatisfied reviews and false reports of misbehavior. Since information rapidly spreads online, if left unmonitored, your company could suffer irreparable damage to its reputation. Here to prevent this from happening is a web service called Profile Defenders.


ProfileDefenders is a premium web service that monitors the Internet for whatever is being said about your business. If Profile Defenders finds anything negative said about your company, it starts the process to remove this undesirable information and replace it with positive information. This positive information will be real press and not look like something self-promoting.

Profile Defenders works only for honest companies, not for companies trying to hide legitimate bad press. Their service is a paid one but you can request a free quote from their website by giving your name, email, and profile management issue.


  • A web service for all businesses.
  • Helps protect online reputation.
  • Searches for negative company information online.
  • Removes negative information and replaces it with positive information.
  • Option to request a free quote.
  • Premium (not free) web service.

Check out ProfileDefenders @


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