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If you are worried about your child accessing adult content through your browser or porn popups appearing while normal browsing, then you need a tool that actively monitors your browsing and keeps porn-related pages from popping up. Here to offer you that service is a Firefox browser add-on called ProCon Latte Content Filter.

block adults websites

ProCon Latte searches for porn content based on keywords and actively blocks such websites popping up or being accessed by the user. Any time such content is blocked a message is shown under the Firefox address bar. Exceptions can be made to the site in its options and adding sites to the whitelist. A password can also be set to the add-on so that other computers are unable to modify the add-on’s settings.

block adults websites firefox


Check out ProCon Latte Content Filter @


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  1. perplexed
    November 27, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    so, why doesn't it work?