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Process-DLL is a comprehensive guide to running Windows processes and DLLs. While there are dozens of windows processes which are essential for proper functioning and stability of your windows, some processes unnecessarily consume system resources, or may even contain spyware and Trojans. Use can view currently running processes by pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ and selecting ‘Processes’ tab.

Process DLL: Guide to Windows Processes

Process-DLL Features:

  • Search or Browse Windows DLLs and Processes alphabetically.
  • Lists information on over 5.000 processes and 10.000 DLLs
  • Top 10 section: svchost.exe, 1xconfig.exe, acctmgr.exe, adobegammaloader.exe, etc.
  • For each Process/DLL view description (see below), security rating, removal instructions, related errors, etc.

Ex: svchost.exe

“svchost.exe handles processes executed from DLLs and other services. This program is very important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Note: This process name is also reported as a virus or trojan (Trojan.W32.Dasher). In this case, the running process is a security risk and should be removed immediatelly. …”

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