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If you are writing for an extended period, you may end up overusing certain words or phrases. Manually checking to see if your articles are varied enough can take a lot of time. Here to help perform this task automatically is a web service called Pro Writing Aid.

writing analyzed

Pro Writing Aid is a free to use web service that analyzes your writing. You need not create any accounts on the site – you start simply by pasting your work into the area available on the site. Your text is quickly analyzed and you are shown overused words, clichés, redundancies, variations in sentence length, reports on vagueness, and sticky sentences. You can view the number of issues related to each field and you can use the options to view details.


Under the details you will find words in your text highlighted in red to indicate where exactly the problems are.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Analyzes your writings.
  • Searches for overused words, clichés, redundancies, and more.
  • Indicates where exactly the problem is in your piece.

Check out Pro Writing Aid @

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