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RSS readers do a great job of summarizing articles and posts so we can skim through them. However, not all of us like the congested reading experience and layout that most RSS readers offer. Prldr is a web-based RSS reader that retains the original layout of your feeds.

Prldr divides the screen into two parts where the left sidebar serves as an easy to use navigation panel and the expanded right side displays the complete feed in its original layout. Each feed source gets a unique color so articles from the same source are easy to recognize.

You can quickly browse through your feeds by clicking the next button or jump to a specific page by using the page numbers provided at the bottom. Prldr lets you import feeds from an OPML file or add a new feed by simply entering the URL.

online rss feed reader


  • An online rss feed reader for better reading experience.
  • Displays complete feeds in their original format.
  • Add feeds via URL or an OPML file.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tool: FeedLooks

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