PrivacyScore: Find Out How Websites Use Your Information

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Are you concerned about how websites use your personal details and information? If you want to find out the privacy risk of sharing your information on different websites, try Privacy Score.


Privacy Score is a handy online utility which measures the privacy risk of using a website based on how the website handles your information. The service tracks more than 1,400 websites, including popular websites like Google, Facebook and many others. Each website gets a rating out of 100, the highest being the most secure and the lowest being the website most likely to share your information with their advertisers, marketing partners or any third party company. The score given to websites is based on how their policies protect your personal information, and how many companies track users when they visit any website.

To use the service, just enter the website you want to check and click on Check PrivacyScore button. It will display the rating, based on the website’s policies and how many companies track users as they visit a specific website.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Find privacy risk of visiting different websites.
  • Monitors more than 1,400 websites.
  • Browser addons available for Chrome and Firefox.

Check out Privacy Score @

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