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If you often use Instagram on your iPhone, don’t you wish that you can easily print the photos that you have edited with this amazing app? Printsgram is a web app that lets you do just that. You can import your Instagram photos into a printable PDF file, so that you can easily print them on your own. With Printsgram, you can create posters, stickers, and photo cubes from your very own Instagram photo gallery.

print instagram pictures

To print Instagram photos with Printsgram, go to the app’s website and link your Instagram account. Then select a layout on how you would like your photos printed. You can create an A4 poster, an A3 poster, a big poster, photo cubes, and stickers. Then simply drag and drop your photos to your chosen layout. Save the layout after you are done in order to generate a PDF file that can be printed on regular and large printers.

Printsgram makes printing Instagram images easier by turning them in a format that is printer-friendly. All of the layouts as of May 2011 are free of charge but the site is hinting that the other formats such as the A3 and the big poster are to be bought for a price in the near future, so you’d better hurry and try these freebies before it’s too late.


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