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If you are looking for a quick tool to create quick mosaics, then you should check out Printmosaic. This one-stop tool lets you create mosaics from your Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox pictures.

create mosaic from pictures

To start using Printmosaic, just choose any picture from your Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox account for your main image. Then go to the preview page to see how the color mix will look. You can then add the small images from the same cloud accounts to make up the pixels of your mosaic. The whole process takes less than a minute. Once done you can save and share the image or click to order your poster.

To create artsy mosaics, you should use high-contrast images with few details. In addition, applying filters like sepia or any of the Instagram filters will make your image much more dramatic.

The integration with other accounts allows users to create their mosaic within seconds. This means no fiddling around with images from your computer, or having to login to your social media accounts to save and upload the picture. With so many services already offering this, Printmosaic’s integration with Instagram strikes me as a quick and easy way to create beautiful imagery.


  • Create mosaics from pictures in your Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox.
  • Mosaic done within a minute.
  • Share mosaic to social networks.
  • Setting specific sizes for your mosaic.
  • Similar Tools: Fauxsaics, Picartia, and Easymoza

Check out Printmosaic @

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