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Some site developers are considerate enough to provide printer friendly versions of their webpages. Others however overlook this step and have websites that might take up a lot of your printer’s ink if printed as is, with unnecessary images and advertisements. Thankfully, for Firefox users, there is a great tool for this problem: Print Edit.

make web pages printer friendly

Print Edit is a great browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Using this add-on you can  make web pages printer friendly. Simply install the addon and then enter any webpage in the preview mode. In this mode you can exclude certain elements of the webpage. You can remove ads, images, frames, and any other labels or elements detected by the add-on.

You can exclude these elements by deleting them or by hiding them. Hiding preserves the page layout. You can also use the “Delete All Except” option to select the portion you want to keep and delete everything else. With your desired output achieved, you can pass it to your printer and obtain your printout.


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