How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco-Friendly

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iprint   How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco FriendlyThe utility of printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper cannot be overstated enough. Perhaps in lesser eco-conscious times, condensing your print jobs might not have collected any attention. But as we head off to battle with the forces of global warming and natural depletion, learning how to utilize each square inch of paper is a must if you want to collect brownie points with the green brigade.

Printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper has uses beyond saving paper and toner of course. For example, you can check out a large document’s layout, create handouts of slides, create little booklets, send out drafts, put cheat sheets on paper etc.

There are a few ways to print multiple pages on a sheet of paper. We will take a look at the most obvious one via Microsoft Word and then with the help of a free printing software.

Print Multiple Pages with Microsoft Word

MS Word (Screenshots are from MS Word 2007.) makes it real easy to print as many as 16 pages on one sheet of paper.

Click on the Office Button and select Print. Use the dropdowns under Zoom to select the number of pages per sheet.

word print   How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco Friendly

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Like any other print job you can set the size of the paper from the Scale to Paper Size dropdown. Zoom automatically scales the pages on the sheet without changing the layout or the formatting. Keep in mind that readability will depend on the number of pages you have set per sheet.

Print Multiple Pages with iPrint

iPrint 6 is a virtual printer driver and a 7MB download compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. iPrint is a completely free printing management solution that does five important tasks for any print job –

  1. iPrint lets you setup multiple pages (maximum of four)to be printed on a single sheet of paper. Pages are automatically scaled down and fitted on the sheet.
  2. iPrint works for any document of any format.
  3. iPrint scans your document and can delete empty pages (without content) with a single click.
  4. iPrint enhances productivity by letting you group together print job requests from multiple applications into a single iPrint session. From there, unwanted pages are automatically removed and any additional changes can be made.
  5. iPrint saves you tons of paper if you regularly print out reams of documents.

If we talk about iPrint as a virtual printer driver that may not allow you to print more than two or four pages on a single sheet but it has the added advantage of letting you delete unwanted pages from the printing job. If you consider readability, four pages on a single sheet is just about ideal. Let’s put it through a print job and see how it turns out.

iPrint installs as a virtual printer driver, so you can access it from any application that has a Print command. My screenshots show our PDF manual on MS Word – Writing Professional Reports & Documents.

Go to Print and select iPrint from the list of your Printers. Set the Print Range if you want to. You can also set it from within iPrint.

iprint01   How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco Friendly

iPrint Preview displays the document in the standard one page per sheet format. Use the menu commands to select the option you want – a 2 page per sheet layout or a 4 page per sheet layout. You can use the slider at the bottom to zoom in and out for a better view.

iprint02   How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco Friendly

Now, you can go through the pages and select the pages you want to delete. Use CTRL+Shift for selecting multiple pages. Deleted pages are highlighted in red.

iprint03   How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco Friendly

You can manage your print jobs using the first three buttons on the menu. Clicking on Print sends the document to be printed.

The final touch is given by green button which when clicked shows a report on how much you have saved using iPrint.

iprint04   How To Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper & Be Eco Friendly

The iPrint website says it can save you 30 – 60% on printing, paper and ink costs. That could translate into a few trees, and who knows perhaps a part of our planet too. Here are a few more printing solutions for the guy who wants to go green on his computer

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Do you think iPrint and printing apps of its ilk help to reduce waste and help us become more eco-friendly?

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Kick it up a notch and use ecofont to really be green


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