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Cloud Print adds another arrow to your mobile office arsenal. Now, Google has released a free Android app for Cloud Print that enables you to print from any Android device with a Cloud Print connected printer. If you have always wanted to print from your phone or tablet easily and quickly, Cloud Print is probably the fastest solution you can set up.

Google Cloud Print works from anywhere — on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device. All you need is Google Chrome to be installed on the device that’s connected to the printer. For the best expereince, Google recommends you have a Cloud Print ready printer. If not, Google Chrome has a setting that enables you to activate the Google Cloud Print connector. It’s a simple matter of signing in with your preferred Google account. Google’s support page shows you how to connect your classic printer with Google Cloud Print.

The latest release of the Cloud Print Android app introduces a lot of flexibility. You can print from any compatible Android device to any Google Cloud Print connected printer; share a picture or a document with your family or office from any supported apps directly to Cloud Print. The Android app also allows you preview your printing jobs and also track the status of your print jobs in the queue from the Cloud Print management page.

Download the Cloud Print app from the Google Play Store. Cloud Print is one of the more understated services from Google. Here’s hoping that the advantage of mobility given by this Android app will see it being productively used.


Source: Droid Life

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