PrimeTube: Elegant YouTube Client [Windows Phone]

When people think of watching videos online or on a smartphone, YouTube is the first place that comes to mind. After all, it has more videos than any other place on the web, and there is almost endless hours of entertainment available on the service. Of course, you need a way to watch all of these videos on your Windows Phone, and PrimeTube is a great option. It’s free and has no intrusive ads. It’s just a simple, well-made YouTube client on Windows Phone.

primetube1   PrimeTube: Elegant YouTube Client [Windows Phone]

PrimeTube supports HD, HQ and LQ videos, so you can watch whatever your connection speed allows. It has its own video player, and it also supports the native player if you prefer. The app supports German and Italian language as well.

primetube2 e1354030725625   PrimeTube: Elegant YouTube Client [Windows Phone]

As you would expect, you can use this app to upload videos to YouTube¬†easily. It also supports Live Tiles, which is a great feature for making the app work well with the coolest feature of Windows Phones. Overall, this app doesn’t rewrite the book on YouTube. Instead, it just takes the YouTube core functionality and makes it work great on Windows Phone.


  • Easy to use YouTube client.
  • View videos in HD, HQ, and LQ.
  • Native and in-app video player.
  • Support for Live Tiles.

Fine PrimeTube on the Windows Phone Store

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