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check car prices online Are you in the market to buy or sell a car? Are you looking for a new whip that won’t break your bank? Or hell maybe you are looking to go for broke and grab an expensive car. But you should still know what you are getting your self into. Our parents used the old Kelly Blue Book. But the Blue Book does not tell you how much the car has actually sold for. Think about PriceHub like when you are buying real estate and want to find out how much other similar house sold for.

Price Hub has actual recent sales information on a ton of vehicles. They include data from Auctions and private sales. You can get a ball park figure based on year, model and mileage but being able to see people’s actual sales and comments is priceless. It’s an excellent site to check car prices online.

blue book value on my car

On the home page you see a search box to search for new or used cars, links to browse card prices and the most important buttons – discuss and share. This let’s you be part of the community and add your data to their index. The latest entries box above shows how much the most recent cars were purchased for, you can also click on them to get more information.

Let’s try searching for a specific car”¦



I started typing Mercedes and it starts to drop down selections that match your letters  – Google style. You can click on any of the items or continue typing. Hitting search when you are done will take you to a similar page as the one you see below:


The above page is for a Mercedes Benz S500. You get a bar graph showing years and prices actually paid by real human beings. This will give you a great idea where the car is on the market and how much you will really pay for something comparable.

You see under the graph people’s real entries showing the price they paid, their location and comments galore! This stuff is gold. You will also notice links to specific years on the right. It says What is it worth and has links to each year. I clicked on 2006 and came up with all of this information you see below. That’s right the chart below is Price Vs. Mileage for your specific year. Damn I love geeky graphs and data :)



You can also click on the Actual Prices for Other cars/trucks from the same brand. That will give you a screen similar to the one above with all the available models from this manufacturer. You can click on them and go to that vehicle’s data.

This paragraph comes from the founders own mouth:

Founded by two car enthusiasts who have collectively bought and sold over 30 vehicles, PriceHub was created to fulfill the need for a comprehensive, open source of actual selling prices for vehicles. While conducting research to prepare for their vehicle purchase or sale, the PriceHub founders realized that there was no true source to see what people really paid for a car. Instead, the only available data were the so-called published or estimated prices such as the MSRP price, invoice price, Kelly Blue Book price, price, or trade-in value.

Our goal with PriceHub is to provide price transparency for all vehicle transactions (new and used), as well as provide a community for people to share & discuss prices. There’s price transparency in almost every other marketplace, so why not have one for cars & trucks too!

This is a great find to me! Do you know any other site to check prices online that you use before buying or selling a vehicle? If you do let us know in the comments! C’mon don’t be greedy – sharing is caring :)

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