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If you want to buy a particular product online (newest iPhone or other gadget etc) but are not willing to pay the current going price you will have to manually check online stores (e.g. Amazon, Ebay) for price changes every. If you don’t have the time to monitor prices manually, check out PriceAmbush.

PriceAmbush lets you conveniently monitor price drops for your favorite products. Simply find product you’re interested in and provide your email along with the target price. It monitors various online sources like Yahoo Shopping and Amazon, and then it aggregates the data and watches for price drops.

Monitor price drops for your favorite products

PriceAmbush: “…You know that the 46? Toshiba HDTV price as well as the Hugo Boss blue carbon jersey price will drop, each at its our specific cycle. But do you have time to actively monitor these? The PriceAmbush allows you, the consumer, to set up a price drop tracker that will actively monitor the exact product you’re interested in.”

To try it out, simply search for the product you are interested in, provide your email and the target price you are interested in. PriceAmbush will monitor the product for price fluctuations and as soon as the product reaches your target price it will alert you by email.


  • Monitors your desired product online for price drops
  • Set ‘price-drop’ email alerts for desired products
  • Monitors various online sources including Yahoo Shopping and Amazon
  • Check out popular products tracked by other members
  • What’s missing/unclear: It’s not clear how user can unsubscribe from receiving alerts.
  • Got questions? More details here.

Check out PriceAmbush @

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