How to Prevent Devices From Waking Up Your Sleeping PC
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It’s frustrating when your computer seems to have a mind of its own. One of the ways this manifests is your PC’s power. At times, you’ll swear you put your system to sleep, only to walk back a minute later and find it turned on again.

Aside from being irritating, this can also waste power. In the case of a laptop, if the machine turns on in your bag, it could overheat due to the confined space. One common cause of machines waking from sleep by themselves is an external device powering them on. Here’s how you can disable that.

First, we’ll need to check which of your devices are allowed to wake your PC. Open a Command Prompt by typing cmd into the Start menu, and type the following command:

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

This will list the devices have permission to wake your computer. You’ll likely see your mouse, keyboard, and other similar devices here. To adjust these, type Device Manager into the Start Menu to open that utility.

Here, you’ll find all devices for your system, organized by type. Your mouse should be under Mice and other pointing devices, while keyboards are obviously under Keyboards. Each device in the Device Manager will have the same name as it did in the Command Prompt window.

Double-click on a device that was listed, and choose the Power Management tab. Uncheck Allow this device to wake the computer and click OK to save that choice. Repeat this for each device you want to revoke waking privileges for; consider running the command again when you’re done to be sure you got everything.

Now, you won’t have to worry about accidentally waking up your computer when you bump a key getting up from your desk. You know how to keep your PC from turning on randomly, so check out how you can remotely turn on and control your computer.

What devices do you accidentally wake up your computer with? Let us know if you disabled any devices using this method!

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