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Most presentation tools online offer essentially the same service: letting you create PowerPoint-like presentations with each slide showing a chunk of information. “PresentMe” however offers that and lets you add a narrative to the presentation.

PresentMe is a web service that lets you create effective presentations through your PowerPoint files. You start by creating an account on the website. Next you upload a PowerPoint presentation to your PresentMe account. After your file has been uploaded, its slides are made viewing in the site’s Flash viewer. To help give your presentation a better flow and explain each slide as it appears, you can start recording a narrative through your webcam and microphone. The resultant presentation then appears with your webcam recording on the right and slides on the left. A filmstrip view of the slides is also given on the bottom of the presentation.

Under the presentation video you find details, comments, likes, and ratings for that presentation.


Using the button available in the bottom right of the video presentation you can download the PowerPoint presentation, get the embeddable link of the presentation, and share it with your friends.

PresentMe offers paid and free packages. The free plan lets you record up to 10 recordings per month; each of these presentations can be 15 minutes long. To paid plans increase the presentation duration and the number of them you can make each month.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create video presentations using existing PowerPoint presentations.
  • You record video using webcam and microphone.
  • Your video is made public and can be shared with others.
  • Visitors can comment on and rate your presentation.
  • You can get your presentation’s embeddable link for your blog or site.

Check out Present.Me @

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