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If you are time-squeezed looking for a gift, and if you are into websites like Groupon or Dealfind, then you should check out This website lets you turn your online deal coupons into attractive gift certificates that are ready to ship and give as presents. This is also very nifty if you have bought into deals that you can’t use, but don’t want it to go to waste either.

To start, will ask you if you have already purchased a coupon or not. If you do not have a coupon yet, you can search for coupons using their aggregator. Once you have purchased a coupon, just click “Presentify it!” to start designing the gift certificate. You can choose from different templates, edit the details of the coupon, and attach the voucher information that you paid for.

Once done, you can print the voucher-turned gift certificate and send it out to your friend. effectively makes boring e-mail coupons attractive and worthy of the deal.

More themes will be available soon, as this is shaping to be a nice addition for deal-buyers.


  • Convert your purchased deals into gift certificates.
  • Works with Groupon, Tippr, Dealfind, and Giltcity.
  • Load your purchased coupon or find a deal from the website.
  • Choose from three holiday themes.

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