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Presefy is a web service that helps presenters in a new way. Realizing that all of the audience in your presentation might not be able to clearly view the large screen display you are presenting on, the website has provided you with a function that enables other to follow your presentation on their smartphones.


To get a clear idea of this, visualize that you are presenting a PowerPoint slide in front of a large audience. But the people in the back cannot see what it is on the screen that you are talking about. So in the beginning of the presentation, you simply give everybody a URL that they visit using their phone. From then onwards, people who have visited your presentation channel URL can see your presentation in real time.

People who are not in the same room can also benefit from this feature. You will be able to control which slide is viewed at a particular time by your remote audience.


Using the web service is really very easy. All you do to start is create an account on the website. The next step is to upload your presentation file. Supported presentation file formats include PPTX and PDF. The pages / slides of your presentation are analyzed after uploading and shown on your dashboard. You can then present these pages after sharing your channel URL with others.


The free account of the website lets you upload up to 2 presentations. The PRO account, which will be launched soon, will come with a higher limit for number for presentations and more features.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you share presentations with a mobile audience.
  • Supports PDF and PPTX presentations.
  • Presentations are shared in real time.

Check out Presefy @

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  1. Hannu
    April 25, 2013 at 9:11 am

    I'd like to add that Presefy is focused on mainly controlling your slides with a mobile device. That allows you to roam around the room freely while presenting. This way you can engage better with the people in the back row.

    And the audience can follow the presentation with any device from smart phones and tablets to laptops.

    - Hannu, Team Presefy