Preparing For Your Digital Afterlife

Death comes to us all. But only a small fraction of people have thought about what happens to their social networking accounts after they pass on. Did you know that Google will not allow anyone to access your email account, even after you’re dead? There are over 30 million accounts on Facebook belonging to dead people. Yikes!

Are you prepared for your digital afterlife?

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What if we have all our personal info/ID/passwords given to someone we trust?
That person could go into our accounts when we die because they have all the correct info.
No one needs to know we’re dead. This designated person could then just deactivate/terminate (or whatever the term) the accounts. I’m not sure a reason would be needed, would it?
There must be a problem with that thinking, though, because it seems way too easy!
(I guess the only drawback is that we may not want anyone to have access to all our info while we’re still alive. Maybe I’m too trusting and naive.)



That’s cool. Backup your deepest secrets to a random company in the cloud!
Sounds wise to me….



So glad I don’t use any of these services (never have, never will), and that the only people I even know in this life are family members much older than I am — who are so tech-illiterate they never even learned how to program a VCR, let alone use a computer. When I die, I want to be forgotten, and most likely will be. Good riddance to this miserable social species and a pox on the whole lot of them. The only digital dust I’ll leave behind will be under pseudonyms like “Guest.”



I undertand there are people who don’t mind their profile account still opened after their death, but on the other hand there are people who prefer closing their profile account. Is interesting to know there are many online products that can help in managing digital estate. I found one such product mentioned here called . But the bigger issue is of awareness and posts like these are helpful.

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