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Preloaders is an online preloader maker which lets you generate animated gif preloaders out of available presets. In case you didn’t know these preloaders are usually used for displaying “Now Loading” or “Loading…” messages on the websites. However you still can use them for other things as well.

To start select the type of preloader you want, pick background and foreground colors and set the preloader size and speed. Press “Generate preloader” button and wait for your preloader to be generated. Finally, donwload and save ready preloader to your computer.

preloader maker


  • Quick and simple online preloader generator.
  • Generate as many preloaders as you like.
  • Lots of presets to chose from.
  • Presets are organized in categories (3D, Rectangular, Circular, Horizontal, Zodiac signs)
  • Free and no registration.

Check out Preloadrs @

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