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pollsLast week we asked if you would date someone who leaves their iPhone (or any other phone!) ring on default Would You Date Someone Who Leaves Their iPhone Ring On Default? [MakeUseOf Poll] Would You Date Someone Who Leaves Their iPhone Ring On Default? [MakeUseOf Poll] We hear it around us all the time: that annoying/friendly iPhone default ringtone. Some people don’t care about these things or can’t be bothered to find out how to change the ringtone. Others feel that... Read More . In general, MakeUseOf readers don’t see ringtones as a deciding factor, and over half of the voters think it doesn’t make any difference.

Out of 276 voters, 57% don’t care if the ringtone is left on default, 8% think leaving the default ringtone is totally lame, 5% think it’s OK only if it’s a brand new phone, 11% would help change the ringtone and 19% are true Android fans.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

With almost 60% not caring about the default ringtone at all, almost 25% state they do care about it somewhat, and will accept it only under certain conditions or help change it first. Is it the idea of the default ringtone that bothers people, or is it the default iPhone ring itself that’s a little hard to swallow?

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This week’s poll question is: How Do You Prefer To Read Your Books?


The world of books has gone through a dramatic change over the last few years. It started with cheap paper books that ship for free all over the world, continues with e-ink eReaders such as the Kindle and the Nook, and has no evolved to actual tablets that are meant to be used as readers. So how do you like your books?

If you chose paper, why do you prefer it? And what makes a tablet reader better than e-ink? Will paper books vanish off the face of the earth, or is there a fight in them yet? Share your opinions!

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