PrankDial: Online Prank Calling Tool

PrankDial, as the name suggests, lets you make funny prank calls to friends right from their website. Online prank calling sites are quite popular on the net and so is PrankDial. There are all kinds of pre-recorded prank calls available, namely robot dialer, the evil operator, Darth Vader and many more.

This is how it works – you select a prank, put in the phone number to call and that’s it. You then make the call. For some pranks, you need to input another number that shows up as the caller ID.

prankdial   PrankDial: Online Prank Calling Tool

PrankDial is primarily for users in the U.S. but for some pranks, international calling to select countries is available, provided you are a token user. Tokens need to be purchased and the price depends upon the call rates in the country you are making the call to.


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